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About Southern Segways

Southern Segway was one of the first official Segway dealers to be appointed in the UK, back in February 2007. Initially we started out by working part time just selling new Segways, but this soon grew into us bringing Segways to the corporate entertainment and team building market, as well as becoming one of the leading suppliers to the numerous television production companies.

As the popularity of the Segway grew we started to take in customers older 1st generation machines in part exchange for the new Lean Steer models. By late 2008 it was evident that we would need to work full time in order to give the best service possible to our growing customer base.

We had wanted to start a tour operation from the very start but finding a venue was not easy. In 2008 we started the process of discussing the concept of a tour with Leeds Castle’s management team and opened our first Scenic Tour around the grounds in April 2009. Popularity soon grew, with us introducing a longer tour at the start of the 2010 season.

The title of being a Segway Authorized Tour Operator is awarded by the manufacturer and means that we operate to strict safety guidelines and standards. Such is our standing in this business that we have been involved as consultants to companies in the process of setting up 3 other Segway tour operations, in Snowdonia, Bristol and Suffolk.

Today, as well as being considered one of the UK’s premier tour sites, Southern Segway are recognised as one of Britain’s leading suppliers of pre-owned Segway’s, frequently being recommended by other Segway dealers, as well as Segway UK the official UK distributor, high praise indeed! Alongside our sales and tours we can often be seen around the country hosting events for some of our long term clients. These include several regular activities for the Scout Association as well companies such as Santander, with two tracks and 16 Segway’s at Earls Court.

We are one of only three tour operators in the UK that holds the coveted title of being “Segway Authorised Tour Operators”.

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