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Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum age?

The minimum age is 13. Riders under 18 must be accompanied, on the tour, by a responsible adult over 18. Proof of age may be requested for junior riders. On the tours means paying and riding a Segway.

Is there a maximum age?

No. Our oldest rider to date is 96. We do ask that you are physically capable of stepping on and off of the Segway unaided, and to bear in mind that you will be standing for the entire duration of the tour.

Is there a size or weight limit?

Yes. There is a minimum weight limit of 7stone (100lbs / 45kg) and an upper limit of 17.5 stone (245lbs / 110kg). These are the limits set by the manufacturer of the Segway. If your weight falls outside of these guidelines you may experience problems operating the Segway safely.

Can I take a Segway tour if I am pregnant?

No. Due to insurance liability restrictions we would not be able to accept a booking for a customer who is pregnant.

What does “Segway Authorised” mean?

It means we are one of only 4 tour sites in the UK that operates to the strict safety guidelines laid down by the manufacturer of the Segway. We are now in our sixth year as a tour operator and our 9th year as a Segway dealer.

Can I just rent a Segway and ride off on my own?

No, unfortunately not. All of our tours and activities at Leeds Castle are escorted and supervised by experienced tour guides. This is for your safety and the safety of the other users of the Leeds Castle estate.

Do I have to book in advance?

It is not always necessary, however, during peak periods, especially weekends; it is advisable, as we can get extremely busy. Booking in advance ensures your place on the tour (subject to weather conditions being satisfactory)

Do you operate in the rain?

Yes we do, however, it is important to remember that this is an off road tour, and heavy rain can create slippery conditions. We will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible if we have to cancel a tour.

Can I take photos?

Yes of course. In fact we encourage you to bring your camera, as we will take your photo as a memento of the occasion.

Can I video whilst riding?

No we do not allow the use of hand held video cameras whilst riding, however you are welcome to bring your Go Pro camera. We want you to enjoy the experience and the views, and to remain safe at all times, not be concentrating on a small video screen.

Is a Segway safe?

Yes, providing you follow our instructions and ride sensibly you will be fine. We are authorised by the factory to conduct our tours and have a wealth of experience in training people.

What if I can’t master the Segway?

In our experience this is very unlikely. We give everyone (even those who have ridden with us before) one to one tuition. Some people take longer than others but it is very rare that anyone cannot go on the tour after our training. If you are particularly worried, or decide that it is not for you before the tour starts we will give you a refund.

What facilities are there at the tour venue?

The Leeds Castle Estate is a 500 acre private estate in a rural and tranquil location. The tour venue is located near the entrance to the castle grounds. There are toilet facilities right next to our entrance, as well as a shop and tea/coffee kiosk.

I am not taking a tour. Can I come along and watch?

Certainly. Spectators can enjoy the antics of their family or friends as they become familiar with the Segway. Once the tour starts your will not be able to keep up, however we strongly recommend you purchase a castle entry ticket, which is valid for a year, and enjoy the magnificent building, considered to be one of the prettiest castles in the world.

Do I need a Castle entry ticket to take the tour?

No. If you do wish to enter the castle grounds separately you will need to purchase a ticket.
A Segway Tour ticket or voucher does not allow you to enter the grounds other than on the tour itself.

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